by Paul 

January 30, 2023

Oilfield Acronyms

When starting out in the oilfield, it can be really tough to learn all of the oilfield acronyms. There are literally thousands, and each company has their own set of acronyms on top of the commonly used ones you will find here.

In fact, when I worked for one of the major oil and gas service companies, they even had a program where you could search for any acronym and it's meaning.

This guide will not be as technically advanced, but we have included every oilfield acronym that we could find.

Just hit "Control F" and enter the acronym you are looking for, or simply search by letter. The results are in alphabetical order.

Hope this helps!

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "A"

AAADE - American Association of Drilling Engineers
ABAN- Abandonment
ACOU- Acoustic
ACQU- Acquisition Log
ADROC- Advanced Rock Properties Report
AFE- Authorization for Expenditure, a process of submitting a business proposal to investors
AHBDF- Along Hole Below Derrick Floor
AIRG- Airgun
AIRRE- Airgun Report
AIT- Array Induction Tool
AL- Appraisal License (United Kingdom), a type of onshore license issued before 1996
ALC- Vertical Seismic Profile Acoustic Log Calibration Report
ALR- Acoustic Log Report
AMS- Auxiliary Measurement Service Log
ANACO- Analysis of Core Logs Report
ANARE- Analysis Report
AOF- Absolute Open Flow
AOFP- Absolute Open Flow Potential
APD- Application for Permit to Drill
API- American Petroleum Institute: both the organization and measure of oil weight (API gravity) in ºAPI
APPRE- Appraisal Report
APS- Active Pipe Support
ARACL- Array Acoustic Log
ARESV- Analysis of Reservoir
ARI- Azimuthal Resistivity Image
ARRC- Array Acoustic Report
AS- Array Sonic Processing Log
ASME- American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASP- Array Sonic Processing Report
ASV- Annular Safety Valve
AV- Annular Velocity or Apparent Viscosity
AVO- Amplitude Versus Offset (geophysics)
AWB- Annulus Wing Block (XT)
AWO- Approval for Well Operation

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "B"

BB or b - prefix denoting a number in billions
bbl - barrel
bcf - billion cubic feet
BDF - Below Derrick Floor
BDL - Bit Data Log
BGL - Borehole Geometry Log
BGL - Below ground level (used as a datum for depths in a well)
BGS - British Geological Survey
BGT - Borehole Geometry Tool
BGWP - Base of Ground Water Protection
BHA - Bottom Hole Assembly
BHC - BHC Gamma Ray Log
BHCA - BHC Acoustic Log
BHCS - BHC Sonic Log
BHCT - Bottomhole Circulating Temperature
BHL - Borehole Log
BHP - Bottom Hole Pressure
BHPRP - Borehole Pressure Report
BHSRE - Bottom Hole Sampling Report
BHSS - Borehole Seismic Survey
BHT - Bottomhole Temperature
BHTV - Borehole Television Report
BINXQ - Bond Index Quicklook Log
BIOR - Biostratigraphic Range Log
BIORE - Biostratigraphy Study Report
BIVDL - BI/DK/WF/Casing Collar Locator/Gamma Ray Log
BLI - Bottom of Logging Interval
BO - Back Off Log
boe - barrel(s) of oil equivalent
boed - barrel(s) of oil equivalent per day
boepd - barrel(s) of oil equivalent per day
BOM - Bill of Materials
BOP - Blowout preventer
bopd - barrel(s) of oil per day
BOREH - Borehole Seismic Analysis
BOTHL - Bottom Hole Locator Log
BOTTO - Bottom Hole Pressure/Temperature Report
bpd - barrels per day
BPFL - Borehole Profile Log
BPLUG - Baker Plug
BPV - Back Pressure Valve
BQL - B/QL Log
BRPLG - Bridge Plug Log
BRT - Below Rotary Table (used as a datum for depths in a well)
BS&W - Basic Sediments and Water
BTHL - Bottom Hole Log
BTU - British Thermal Units
BUR - Build-Up Rate
bwd - barrels of water per day
bwpd - barrels of water per day

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "C"

CC&E - Well completion and equipment cost
C&S - Cased and Suspended
C1 - Methane
C2 - Ethane
C3 - Propane
C4 - Butane
C6 - Hexanes
C7+ - Heavy Hydrocarbon Components
CA - Core Analysis Log
CALIL - Caliper Log
CALOG - Circumferential Acoustic Log
CALVE - Calibrated Velocity Log Data
CAPP - Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
CAS - Casing Log
CB - Core Barrel
CBL - Cement Bond Log
CBM - Choke Bridge Module - XT Choke
CBM - Conventional Buoy Mooring
CBM - Coal Bed Methane
CCHT - Core Chart Log
CCL - Casing Collar Locator
CCLP - Casing Collar Locator Perforation
CCLTP - Casing Collar Locator Through Tubing Plug
CD - Core Description
CDATA - Core Data
CDIS - CDI Synthetic Seismic Log
CDU - Control Distribution Unit
CDP - Common Depth Point (geophysics)
CDP - Comprehensive Drilling Plan
CDRCL - Compensated Dual Resistivity Cal. Log
CE - CE Log
CERE - Cement Remedial Log
CECAN - CEC Analysis
CEME - Cement Evaluation
CET - Cement Evaluation Tool
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics
CGL - Core Gamma Log
CGPH - Core Graph Log
CGR - Condensate gas ratio
CGTL - Compact Gas to liquids
CHCNC - CHCNC Gamma Ray Casing Collar Locator
CHDTP - Caliper HDT Playback Log
CHECK - Checkshot and Acoustic Calibration Report
CHESM - Contractor, Health, Environment and Safety Management
CHKSR - Checkshot Survey Report
CHKSS - Checkshot Survey Log
CHP - Casing Hanger Pressure
CHROM - Chromatolog
CILD - Conduction Log
CIMV - Chemical Injection Metering Valve
CITHP - Closed In Tubing Head Pressure
CIV - Chemical Injection Valve
CL - Core Log
CLG - Core Log and Graph
CM - Choke Module
CMP - Common Midpoint
CND - Compensated Neutron Density
CNFDP - CNFD True Vertical Depth Playback Log
CNGR - Compensated Neutron Gamma Ray Log
CNL - Compensated Neutron Log
CNS - Central North Sea
COL - Collar Log
COMAN - Compositional Analysis
COML - Compaction Log
COMP - Composite Log
COMPR - Completion Program Report
COMPU - Computest Report
COMRE - Completion Record Log
CONDE - Condensate Analysis Report
CONDR - Continuous Directional Log
CORAN - Core Analysis Report
CORE - Core Report
CORG - Corgun Log
CORIB - Coriband Log
CORLG - Correlation Log
COROR - Core Orientation Report
COXY - Carbon/Oxygen Log
CPI separator - Corrugated plate interceptor
CPICB - CPI Coriband Log
CPIRE - CPI Report
CRET - Cement Retainer Setting Log
CsF - Caesium Formate
csg - casing
CSHN - Cased Hole Neutron Log
CSMT - Core Sampler Tester Log
CSPG - Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
CSTAK - Core Sample Taken Log
CSTRE - CST Report
CSUG - Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas
CT - Coiled Tubing
CTD - Coiled Tubing Drilling
CTCO - Coiled Tubing Clean Out
CTRAC - Cement Tracer Log
CUT - Cutter Log
CUTTD - Cuttings Description Report
CWOR- Completion Work Over Riser
CYBD - Cyberbond Log
CYBLK - Cyberlook Log
CYDIP - Cyberdip Log
CYDN - Cyberdon Log
CYPRO - Cyberproducts Log

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "D"

DD&C - Drilling and Completions
DAC - Dipole Acoustic Log
DARCI - Darci Log
DAZD - Dip and Azimuth Display
DC - Drill Collar(s)
DCALI - Dual Caliper Log
DD - Directional Driller or Directional Drilling
DDBHC - DDBHC Waveform Log
DDET - Depth Determination Log
DDM - Derrick Drilling Machine (a.k.a. Top Drive)
DDNL - Dual Det. Neutron Life Log
DDPT - Drill Data Plot Log
DECC - Department for Energy and Climate Change (United Kingdom)
DECT - Decay Time
DEFSU - Definitive Survey Report
DELTA - Delta-T Log
DEN - Density Log
DEPAN - Deposit Analysis Report
DEPC - Depth Control Log
DESFL - Deep Induction SFL Log
DEV - Development Well, Lahee classification
DEVLG - Deviation Log
DEXP - D-Exponent Log
DF - Derrick Floor
DFR - Drilling Factual Report
DH - Drilling History
DHC - Depositional History Curve
DHSV - Downhole Safety Valve
DHPTT - Downhole Pressure/Temperature Transducer
DIEGR - Dielectric Gamma Ray Log
DIL - Dual Induction Log
DILB - Dual Induction BHC Log
DILL - Dual Induction Laterolog
DILLS - Dual Induction Log-LLS
DILSL - Dual Induction Log-SLS
DIM - Directional Inertia Mechanism
DINT - Dip Interpretation
DIP - Dipmeter Log
DIPAR - Dipole Acoustic Report
DIPBH - Dipmeter Borehole Log
DIPFT - Dipmeter Fast Log
DIPLP - Dip Lithology Pressure Log
DIPRE - Dipmeter Report
DIPRM - Dip Removal Log
DIPSA - Dipmeter Soda Log
DIPSK - Dipmeter Stick Log
DIRS - Directional Survey Log
DIRSU - Directional Survey Report
DISO - Dual Induction Sonic Log
DL - Development Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued before 1996
DLIST - Dip List Log
DLL - Dual Laterolog
DLS - Dog-Leg Severity (directional drilling)
DMA - Dead Man Anchor
DNHO - Downhole Logging
DOE - Department of Energy, United States
DOWRE - Downhole Report
DP - Drill Pipe
DPDV - Dynamically Positioned Drilling Vessel
DPL - Dual Propagation Log
DPLD - Differential Pressure Levitated Device (or Vehicle)
DPRES - Dual Propagation Resistivity Log
DPT - Deeper Pool Test, Lahee classification
DQLC - Dipmeter Quality Control Log
DR - Dummy Run Log
DR - Drilling Report
DRI - Drift Log
DRLCT - Drilling Chart
DRLOG - Drilling Log
DRLPR - Drilling Proposal/Prog. Report
DRPG - Drilling Program Report
DRPRS - Drilling Pressure
DRREP - Drilling Report
DRYRE - Drying Report
DS - Deviation Survey
DSCAN - DSC Analysis Report
DSI - Dipole Shear Imager
DSPT - Cross Plots Log
DST - Drill Stem Test
DSTL - Drill Stem Test Log
DSTND - Dual Space Thermal Neutron Density Log
DSTPB - Drill Stem Test True Vertical Depth Playback Log
DSTR - Drill Stem Test Report
DSTRE - Drill Stem Test Report
DSTSM - Drill Stem Test Summary Report
DSTW - Drill Stem Test Job Report/Works
DSV - Diving Support Vessel or Drilling Supervisor
DTI - Department of Trade and Industry (United Kingdom) (obsolete; superseded by dBERR, which was then superseded by DECC)
DTPB - CNT True Vertical Depth Playback Log
DTT - Depth To Time
DWOP - Drilling Well on Paper (a theoretical exercise conducted involving the Service provider managers)
DWQL - Dual Water Quicklook Log
DWSS - Dig Well Seismic Surface Log
DXC - DXC Pressure Pilot Report

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "E"

EE&A - Exploration and Appraisal
E&P - Exploration and Production
ECD - Equivalent Circulating Density
ECP - External Casing Packer
ECRD - Electrically Controlled Release Tool
EDP - Exploration Drilling Program Report
EDP - Emergency Disconnect Package
EFR - Engineering Factual Report
EGMBE - Ethylene-Glycol Mono-Butyl Ether
ELT - Economic Limit Test
EL - Electric Log
EMOP - EMOP Well Site Processing Log
EMP - Electromagnetic Propagation Log
EN PI - Enhanced Productivity Index Log
ENG - Engineering Log
ENGF - Engineer Factual Report
ENGPD - Engineering Porosity Data
ENJ - Enerjet Log
EOFL - End of Field Life
EOR - Enhanced Oil Recovery
EOW - End Of Well Report
EPCU - Electrical Power Conditioning Unit
EPIDORIS - Exploration and Production Integrated Drilling Operations and Reservoir Information System
EPLG - Epilog
ER(D) - Extended Reach (Drilling)
ESD - Emergency Shut-Down
ESP - Electric Submersible Pump
ETAP - Eastern Trough Area Project
ETTD - Electromagnetic Thickness Test
ETU - Electrical Test Unit
EVARE - Evaluation Report
EWR - End Of Well Report
EXL - or XL, Exploration Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued between the First Onshore Licensing Round (1986) and the Sixth (1992)

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "F"

FFAC - Factual Report
FACHV - Four Arm Caliper Log
FANAL - Formation Analysis Sheet Log
FC - Float Collar
FCP - Final circulating pressure
FCVE - F Curve Log
FDC - Formation Density Log
FDP - Field Development Plan
FDS - Functional Design Specification
FEED - Front End Engineering and Design
FER - Field Equipment Room
FEWD - Formation Evaluation While Drilling
FFAC - Formation Factor Log
FFM - Full Field Model
FGEOL - Final Geological Report
FH - Full Hole tool joint
FID - Final Investment Decision
FINST - Final Stratigraphic Report
FINTP - Formation Interpretation
FIT - Formation Integrity Test
FIV - Formation Isolation Valve
FL - F Log
FLIV - FlowLine Injection Valve
FLIV - Flowline Isolation Valve
FLOPR - Flow Profile Report
FLOT - Flying Lead Orientation Tool
FLOW - Flow & Buildup Test Report
FLS - Fluid Sample
flt - Fault (geology)
FMECA - Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
FMI - Formation Microimager Log
FMP - Formation Microscan Report
FMS - Formation Multiscan Log
FMTAN - FMT Analysis Report
FOSV - Full Opening Safety Valve
FPIT - Free Point Indicator Tool
FPL - Flow Analysis Log
FPLAN - Field Plan Log
FPSO - Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessel
FPU - Floating Processing Unit
FRA - Fracture Log
FRARE - Fracture Report
FRES - Final Reserve Report
FS - Fail Safe (as in FS valve)
FSB - Flowline Support Base
FSI - Flawless Start-up Initiative
FSO - Floating Storage Offloading vessel
FT - Formation Tester Log
FTRE - Formation Testing Report
FULDI - Full Diameter Study Report
FV - Funnel Viscosity or Float Valve
FWKO - Free water knock out
FWL - Free water level
FWR - Final Well Report
FWV - Flow Wing Valve

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "G"

GG/C - Gas Condensate
GAS - Gas Log
GASAN - Gas Analysis Report
GBS - Gravity Based Structure
GBT - Gravity Base Tank
GCLOG - Graphic Core Log
GDIP - Geodip Log
GE - Condensate gas equivalent
GEOCH - Geochemical Evaluation
GEOEV - Geochemical Evaluation Report
GEOFO - Geological & Formation Evaluation Report
GEOL - Geological Surveillance Log
GEOP - Geophone Data Log
GEOPN - Geological Well Prognosis Report
GEOPR - Geological Operations Prog. Report
GEORE - Geological Report
GGRG - Gauge Ring
GIIP - Gas Initially In Place
GIS - Geographic Information System(s)
GL - Gas Lift or Ground Level
GLM - Gas Lift Mandrel (alternative name for Side Pocket Mandrel)
GLR - Gas Liquid Ratio
GLV - Gas Lift Valve
GOC - Gas Oil Contact
GOM - Gulf of Mexico
GOP - Geological Operations Report
GOR - Gas Oil Ratio
GOSP - Gas/Oil Separation Plant
GPIT - Inclinometry Tool Log
GPLT - Geol Plot Log
GPSL - Geo Pressure Log
GRAD - Gradiometer Log
GRLOG - Grapholog
GRN - Gamma Ray Neutron Log
GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic
GRV - Gross Rock Volume
GRSVY - Gradient Survey Log
GTL - Gas to liquids
GTW - Gas To Wire
GUN - Gun Set Log
GWC - Gas Water Contact
GWREP - Geo Well Report

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "H"

HHAZID - Hazard Identification (meeting)
HC - Hydrocarbons
HCCS - Horizontal Clamp Connection System
HDT - High Resolution Dipmeter Log
HEXT - Hex Diplog
HGS - High Specific-Gravity Solids

HL - Hook Load
HP - Hydrostatic Pressure
HPGAG - High Pressure Gauge
HPHT - High Pressure High Temperature (same as HTHP)
HPPS - HP Pressure Log
HPU - Hydraulic Power Unit
HSE - Health, Safety and Environment or Health & Safety Executive (United Kingdom)
HTHP - High Temperature High Pressure (same as HPHT)
HVDC - High Voltage Direct Current
HWDP - Heavy-Weight Drill Pipe (sometimes spelled Hevi
HUD - Hold Up Depth
HWDP - Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
HYPJ - Hyperjet
HYROP - Hydrophone Log

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "I"

II:P - Injector To Producer Ratio
IADC - International Association of Drilling Contractors
IBC - Intermediate Bulk Container
ICoTA - Intervention and Coiled Tubing Association
ICV - Interval Control Valve
ID - Inner or Internal Diameter (of a tubular component such as a casing)
IDC - Intangible Drilling Costs
IEB - Induction Electro BHC Log
IEL - Induction Electrical Log
IF - Internal Flush tool joint
IH - Gamma Ray Log
IJL - Injection Log
IL - Induction Log
ILI - InLine Inspection (Intelligent Pigging)
ILOGS - Image Logs
IMAG - Image Analysis Report
INCR - Incline Report
INCRE - Incline Report
INDWE - Individual Well Record Report
INJEC - Injection Falloff Log
INSUR - Inrun Survey Report
INVES - Investigative Program Report
IOC - International Oil Company
IPAA - Independent Petroleum Association of America
IPC - Installed Production Capacity
IPR - Inflow Performance Relationship
IR - Interpretation Report
IRTJ - IRTJ Gamma Ray Slimhole Log
ISF - ISF Sonic Log
ISFCD - ISF Conductivity Log
ISFGR - ISF GR Casing Collar Locator Log
ISFP - ISF Sonic True Vertical Depth Playback Log
ISFPB - ISF True Vertical Depth Playback Log
ITS - Influx To Surface
IWCF - International Well Control Federation
IWOCS - Installation / Workover Control System

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "J"

JJ&A - Junked and abandoned
JB - Junk Basket
JU - Jack-Up drilling rig

JT - Joule-Thomson (effect/valve/separator)

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "K"

KKOP - Kick-Off Point (directional drilling)

KOP - Kick Off Plug
KRP - Kill rate pressure
KB - Kelly Bushing

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "L"

LLACT - Lease Automatic Custody Transfer
LAT - Lowest Astronomical Tide
LCM - Lost Circulation Material
LCNLG - LDT CNL Gamma Ray Log
LDL - Litho Density Log
LDTEP - LDT EPT Gamma Ray Log
LEAKL - Leak Detection Log
LEPRE - Litho Elastic Property Report
LGR - Liquid Gas Ratio
LGS - Low (specific-gravity solids)
LINCO - Liner and Completion Prog. Report
LIOG - Lithography Log
LITDE - Litho Density Quicklook Log
LITHR - Lithological Description Report
LITRE - Lithostratigraphy Report
LITST - Lithostratigraphic Log
LKO - Lowest Known Oil
LL - Laterolog
LMAP - Location Map
LMRP - Lower Marine Riser Package
LMV - Lower Master Valve (on a Xmas tree)
LNG - Liquified Natural Gas
LOE - Lease Operating Expenses
LOGGN - Logging Whilst Drilling
LOGRS - Log Restoration Report
LOGSM - Log Sample
LOLER - Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
LOT - Leak-off Test
LOT - Linear Override Tool
LOT - Lock Open Tool
LP - Low Pressure
LSBGR - Long Spacing BHC GR Log
LSSON - Long Spacing Sonic Log
LT - Linear Time
LUMI - Luminescence Log
LVEL - Linear Velocity Log
LWD - Logging While Drilling

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "M"

MM or m - prefix designating a number in thousands
MAASP - Maximum Acceptable [or Allowable] Annular Shut-in Pressure
MAC - Multipole Acoustic Log
MACL - Multiarm Caliper Log
MAGST - Magnetostratigraphic Report
MARA - Maralog
MAWP - Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
mbd - thousand barrels per day
mbod - thousand barrels of oil per day
MCM - Manifold Choke Module
MCS - Manifold & Connection System
MCS - Master Control Station
mD - millidarcy, measure of permeability, with units of area
MD - Measured Depth (see also MDSS)
MD - Measurements/Drilling Log
MDL - Methane Drainage Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence allowing natural gas to be collected "in the course of operations for making and keeping safe mines whether or not disused"
MDSS - Measured Depth Subsea
MDT - Modular formation Dynamic Tester
MEG - Mono Ethylene Glycol
MEPRL - Mechanical Properties Log
MERCR - Mercury Injection Study Report
MERG - Merge FDC/CNL/Gamma Ray/Dual Laterolog/Micro SFL Log
MF - Marsh Funnel (mud viscosity)
MFCT - Multifinger Caliper Tool
MGL - Magnelog
MIFR - Mini Frac Log
MINL - Minilog
MIPAL - Micropalaeo Log
MIYP - maximum internal yield pressure
mKB - Meters below Kelly Bushing
ML - Microlog
MLL - Microlaterolog
MM or mm - prefix designating a number in millions (not to be confused with SI unit mm for millimetre)
mmbd - million barrels per day
mmbod - million barrels of oil per day
MMS - Minerals Management Service, (United States)
mmscfd - million standard cubic feet per day
mmstb - million stock barrels
MNP - Merge and Playback Log
MODU - Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOPU - Mobile Offshore Production Unit
MPA - Micropalaeo Analysis Report
MPD - Managed Pressure Drilling
MPFM - Multi-Phase Flow Meter
MPK - Merged Playback Log
MPS - Manufacturing Procedure Specification
MQC - Multi Quick Connection Plate
MR - Marine Riser
MRCV - Multi Reverse Circulating Valve
MRIRE - Magnetic Resonance Image Report
MSCT - MSCT Gamma Ray Log
MSFL - Micro SFL Log
MSL - Mean sea level
MSL - Micro Spherical Log
MSS - Magnetic Single Shot
MST - MST EXP Resistivity Log
MTT - MTT Multi-Isotope Trace Tool

MUD - Mud Log
MUDT - Mud Temperatire Log
MuSol - Mutual Solvent
MVB - Master Valve Block (XT)
MWD - Measurement While Drilling
MWDRE - Measurement While Drilling Report

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "N"

NNACE - National Association of Corrosion Engineers
NAPF - Non Aqueous Phase Fluid
NASA - Non Active Side Arm
NAVIG - Navigational Log
NB - Nominal Bore
NEUT - Neutron
NFG - 'No F****** Good
NFI - No Further Investment
NFW - New Field Wildcat, Lahee classification
NGDC - National Geoscience Data Centre (United Kingdom)
NGL - Natural Gas Liquids
NGR - Natural Gamma Ray
NGRC - National Geological Records Centre (United Kingdom)
NGSS - NGS Spectro Log
NGTR - NGT Ratio Log
NHDA - National Hydrocarbons Data Archive (United Kingdom)
NHPV - Net Hydrocarbon Pore Volume
NNS - Northern North Sea
NOISL - Noise Log
NOC - National Oil Company
NPD - Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Norway
NPS - Nominal Pipe Size (sometimes NS)
NPSH - Net Positive Suction Head
NPV - Net Present Value
NRV - Non Return Valve
NPW - New Pool Wildcat, Lahee classification
NS - North Sea
NTHF - Non Toxic High Flash
NTU - Nephelometric Turbidity Unit

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "O"

OO&G - Oil and Gas (referring to the industry or the companies in it)
OBEVA - OBDT Evaluation Report
OBM - Oil Based Mud
OCL - Quality Control Log
OCTG - Oil Country Tubular Goods
OD - Outer Diameter
ODT - Oil Down To
OFST - Offset Vertical Seismic Profile
OH - Openhole Log
OIM - Offshore Installation Manager
OOE - Offshore Operation Engineer
OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPL - Operations Log
OPRES - Overpressure Log
OPS - Operations Report
ORICO - Oriented Core Data Report
OTL - Operations Team Leader
OWC - Oil Water Contact
OT - Off Tree
OUT - Outpost, Lahee classification
OVCH - Oversize Charts
OBCS - Ocean Bottom Cable System
OWC - Oil Water Contact

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "P"

PP&A - plugged and abandoned (of a well)
PEA - Palaeo Environment Study Report
PADPRT - Pressure Assisted Drillpipe Running Tool
PAL - Palaeo Chart
PALYN - Palynological Analysis Report
PAR - Pre Assembled Rack
PAU - Pre Assembled Unit
PBDMS - Playback DMSLS Log
PBR - Polished Bore Receptacle
PBTD - Plug Back Total Depth
PBU - Pressure Build Up
PCCL - Perforation Casing Collar Locator Log
PCDM - Power and Control Distribution Module
PCKR - Packer Log
PCOLL - Perforation and Collar
PDC - Perforation Depth Control
PDC - Polycrystalline Diamond Composite
PDG - Permanent Downhole Gauge
PDKR - PDK 100 Report
PDP - Proved Developed Reserves
PDNP - Proved Developed Not Producing
PE - Petroleum Engineer
PEDL - Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (United Kingdom), introduced in the 8th Onshore Licensing Round
PENL - Penetration Log
PERDC - Perforation Depth Control
PERFO - Perforation Log
PERM - Permeability
PERML - Permeability Log
PESBG - Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
PETA - Petrographical Analysis Report
PETD - Petrographic Data Log
PETLG - Petrophysical Evaluation Log
PETPM - Petrography Permeametry Report
PETRP - Petrophysical Evaluation Report
PLET - Pipeline End Termination
PFPG - Perforation Plug Log
PFREC - Perforation Record Log
PG - Pressure Gauge (Report)
PGB - Permanent Guide Base
PGOR - Produced Gas Oil Ratio
PH - Phasor Log
PHASE - Phasor Processing Log
PHOL - Photon Log
PHYFM - Physical Formation Log
PI - Productivity Index or (Permit Issued)
PINTL - Production Interpretation
PL - Production Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued before 1996
PLG - Plug Log
PLS - Position Location System
PLT - Production Logging Tool
PLTQ - Production Logging Tool Quicklook Log
PLTRE - Production Logging Tool Report
PMI - Positive Material Identification
POBM - Pseudo Oil
POOH - Pull Out Of Hole
PON - Petroleum Operations Notice (United Kingdom)
POR - Density Porosity Log
POSFR - Post Fracture Report
POSTW - Post Well Appraisal Report
POSWE - Post Well Summary Report
PP - DXC Pressure Plot Log
ppcf - Pounds Per Cubic Foot
ppg - Pounds Per Gallon
PPI - Post Production Inspection/Intervention
PPI - Post Pipelay Installation
pptf - Pounds (per square inch) Per Thousand Feet (of depth)
PPS - Production Packer Setting
PR2 - Testing regime to API6A Annex F
PRA - Production Reporting & Allocation
PREC - Perforation Record
PRESS - Pressure Report
PROD - Production Log
PROTE - Production Test Report
PROX - Proximity Log
PRSRE - Pressure Gauge Report
PSANA - Pressure Analysis
PSA - Production Sharing Agreement
PSC - Production Sharing Contract
PSIA - Pounds Per Square Inch Atmospheric
PSIG - Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge
PSL - Product Specification Level
PSLOG - Pressure Log
PSP - pseudostatic spontaneous potential
PSPL - PSP Leak Detection Log
PSQ - Plug Squeeze Log
PSVAL - Pressure Evaluation Log
PTS - Pipeline Termination Structure
PTSET - Production Test Setter
PTTC - Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, United States
PUD - Proved Undeveloped Reserves
PUN - Puncher Log
PUR - Plant Upset Report
PUWER - Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
PV - Plastic Viscosity
PVT - Pressure Volume Temperature
PVTRE - Pressure Volume Temperature Report
PW - Produced Water
PWB - Production Wing Block (XT)
PWRI - Produced Water Re Injection
PWV - Production Wing Valve
PSD - Planned Shut Down
PMV - Production Master Valve

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "Q"

QQC - Quality control
QCR - Quality Control Report
QL - Quicklook Log

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "R"

RRAC - Ratio Curves
RACI - Responsible / Accountable / Consulted / Informed
RAWS - Raw Stacks VSP Log
RBP - Retrievable Bridge Plug
RCKST - Rig Checkshot
RCD - Rotating Control Device
RCL - Retainer Correlation Log
RCR - Remote Component Replacement
RE - Reservoir Engineer
REOR - Reorientation Log
RE - PE Re Perforation Report
RESAN - Reservoir Analysis
RESEV - Reservoir Evaluation
RESFL - Reservoir Fluid
RESI - Resistivity Log
RESL - Reservoir Log
RESOI - Residual Oil
REZ - Renewable Energy Zone (United Kingdom)
RF - Recovery Factor
RFLNG - Ready for LNG
RFMTS - Repeat Formation Tester
RFSU - Ready For Start Up
RFT - Repeat Formation Tester
RFTRE - Repeat Formation Tester Report
RFTS - Repeat Formation Tester Sample
RIGMO - Rig Move
RIH - Run In Hole
RITT - Riser Insertion Tube (Tool) [1]
RKB - Rotary Kelly Bushing (a datum for measuring depth in an oil well)
RLOF - Rock Loadout Facility
RMLC - Request for Mineral Land Clearance
RMS - Ratcheting Mule Shoe
ROCT - Rotary Coring Tool
ROP - Rate of Penetration
ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicle
ROWS - Remote Operator Workstation
RPCM - Ring Pair Corrosion Monitoring
RROCK - Routine Rock Properties Report
RSS - Rig Site Survey
RST - Reservoir Saturation Tool (Schlumberger) Log
RTTS - Retrievable Test Treat Squeeze

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "S"

SSAGD - Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage
SALM - Single Anchor Loading Mooring
SAML - Sample Log
SAMTK - Sample Taker Log
SANDA - Sandstone Analysis Log
SBF - Synthetic Base Fluid
SBM - Synthetic Base Mud
SBT - Segmented Bond Tool
SC - Seismic Calibration
SCAL - Special core analysis
SCAP - Scallops Log
SCDES - Sidewall Core Description
scf - standard cubic feet
SCHLL - Schlumberger Log also SCHLO, SCHLU
SCM(MB) - Subsea Control Module
SCO - Synthetic crude oil
SCRS - Sidewall Cores
SCSSSV - Surface Controlled Sub Surface Valve
SD - Sonic Density
SDFN - Shut Down For Night
SDIC - Sonic Dual Induction
SDL - Supplier Document List
SDPBH - SDP Bottom Hole Pressure Report
SDT - Step Draw down Test (sometimes SDDT)
SDU - Subsea Distribution Unit
SEA - Strategic Environmental Assessment (United Kingdom)
SECGU - Section Gauge Log
SEDHI - Sedimentary History
SEDIM - Sedimentology
SEDL - Sedimentology Log
SEDRE - Sedimentology REport
SEM - Subsea Electronics Module
Semi (or Semi - Sub) Semi
SEPAR - Separator Sampling Report
SEQSU - Sequential Survey
SG - Static Gradient
SGUN - Squeeze Gun
SHA - Sensor Harness Assembly
SHO - Stab and Hinge Over
SHOCK - Shcok Log
SHOWL - Show Log
SI/TA - Shut In/Temporarily Abandoned
SICP - Shut In Casing Pressure
SIDPP - Shut In Drill Pipe Pressure
SIDSM - Sidewall Sample
SIP - Shut In Pressure
SIPES - Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, United States
SIT - System Integration Test
SITHP - Shut In Tubing Hanger Pressure
SITT - Single TT Log
SKPLT - Stick Plot Log
SL - Seismic Lines
SMLS - Seamless Pipe
SNP - Sidewall Neutron Porosity
SNS - Southern North Sea
SONCB - Sonic Calibration Log
SONRE - Sonic Calibration Report
SONWR - Sonic Waveform Report
SONWV - Sonic Waveform Log
SP - Shot point
SP - Spontaneous Potential
SPCAN - Special core analysis
SPE - Society of Petroleum Engineers
SPEAN - Spectral Analysis
SPEL - Spectralog
SPFM - Single Phase Flow Meter
SPM - Side Pocket Mandrel or Strokes Per Minute
SPOP - Spontaneous Potential Log
SPP - Stand Pipe Pressure
SPROF - Seismic Profile
SPS - Subsea Production Systems
SPT - Shallower Pool Test, Lahee classification
SQL - Siesmic Quicklook Log
SREC - Seismic Record Log
SRT - Site Receival Test
SSG - Sidewall Sample Gun
SSMAR - Synthetic Seismic Marine Log
SSPLR - Subsea Pig Launcher/Receiver
SSSL - Supplementary Seismic Survey Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence
SSSV - Sub Surface Safety Valve
SSTT - Subsea Test Tree
SSV - Surface Safety Valve
stab - Stabiliser
STAGR - Static Gradient Survey Report
stb - stock tank barrel
STFL - Steel Tube Fly Lead
STGL - Stratigraphic Log
STIMU - Stimulation Report
STKPT - Stuck Point
STL - STL Gamma Ray Log
STRAT - Stratigraphy, stratigraphic
STRRE - Stratigraphy Report
STOIIP - Stock Tank Oil Initially In Place
STOP - Safety Training Observation Program
STSH - String Shot
SUML - Summarised Log
SUMRE - Summary Report
SUMST - Geological Summary Sheet
SURF - Subsea/Umbilicals/Risers/Flowlines
SURFR - Surface Sampling Report
SURRE - Survey Report
SURVL - Survey Chart Log
SUT(A/B) - Subsea Umbilical Termination (Assembly/Box)
SWE - Senior Well Engineer
SV - Sleeve Valve
SYNRE - Synthetic Seismic Report
SYSEI - Synthetic Seismogram Log

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "T"

TTAGOGR - Thermally Assisted Gas/Oil Gravity Drainage
TAPLI - Tape Listing
TAPVE - Tape Verification
TAR - True Amplitude Recovery
TB - Tubing Puncher Log
TBT - Through Bore Tree
TCI - Tunsgten Carbide Insert
TCF - Temporary Construction Facilities
TCF - Trillion Cubic Feet(of gas)
TCPD - Tubing Conveyed Perforating Depth
TD - Target Depth
TD - Total Depth (depth of the end of the well; also a verb, to reach the final depth, used as an acronym in this case)
TDD - Total Depth (Logger)
TDL - Total Depth (Driller)
TDS - Top Drive System
TDT GR - TDT Gamma Ray Casing Collar Locator Log
TELER - Teledrift Report
TEMP - Temperature Log
TFL - Through Flow Line
TGB - Temporary Guide Base
TGOR - Total Gas Oil Ratio
TH - Tubing Hanger
THERM - Thermometer Log
THP - Tubing Hanger Pressure
TIE - Tie In Log
TIEBK - Tieback Report
TLI - Top of Logging Interval
TLOG - Technical Log
TMCM - Tranverse Mercator Central Meridian
TNDT - Thermal Neutron Decay Time
TNDTG - Thermal Neutron Decay Time/Gamma Ray Log
TOC - Top Of Cement
TOC - Total Organic Content
TOOH - Trip Out Of Hole
TOL - Top Of Liner
TORAN - Torque and Drag Analysis
TPERF - Tool Performance
TSI - Temporarily Shut In
TR - Temporary Refuge
TRA - Tracer Log
TRACL - Tractor Log
TRD - Total Report Data
TREAT - Treatment Report
TREP - Test Report
TRIP - Trip Condition Log
TRSV - Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve
TRSCSSV - Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub Surface Valve
TRSCSSSV - Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub Surface Safety Valve
TT - Transit Time Log
TTRD - Through Tubing Rotary Drilling
TV/BIP - Ratio of Total Volume (ore and overburden) to Bitumen In Place
TVBDF - True Vertical Depth Below Derrick Floor
TVD - True Vertical Depth
TVDPB - True Vertical Depth Playback Log
TVDSS - True Vertical Depth Sub Sea
TVELD - Time and Velocity to Depth
TVRF - True Vertical Depth versus Repeat Formation Tester
TWT - Two Way Time (seismic)
TWTTL - Two Way Travel Time Log

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "U"

UUBI - Ultrasonic Borehole Imager
UBIRE - Ultrasonic Borehole Imager Report
UFJ - Upper Flex Joint
UGF - Universal Guide Frame
UIC - Underground Injection Control
UKCS - United Kingdom Continental Shelf
UKOOA - United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association
UKOOG - United Kingdom Onshore Operators Group
ULCGR - Uncompressed LDC CNL Gamma Ray Log
UMCA - Umbilical Midline Connection Assembly
UMV - Upper Master Valve (from a Xmas tree)
URT - Universal Running Tool
USGS - United States Geological Survey
UTA - Umbilical Termination Assembly
UTM - Universal Transverse Mercator

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "V"

VVDENL - Variation Density Log
VDU - Vacuum Distillation Unit, used in processing bitumen
VELL - Velocity Log
VERAN - Verticality Analysis
VERIF - Verification List
VERLI - Verification Listing
VERTK - Vertical Thickness
VIR - Value Investment Ratio
VISME - Viscosity Measurement
VIV - Vortex induced Vibration
VLP - Vertical Lift Performance
VO - Variation Order
VOR - Variation Order Request
VRR - Voidage Replacement Ratio
VSP - Vertical Seismic Profile
VSPRO - Vertical Seismic Profile
VTDLL - Vertical Thickness Dual Laterolog
VTFDC - Vertical Thickness FDC CNL Log
VTISF - Vertical Thickness ISF Log
VWL - Velocity Well Log

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "W"

WWABAN - Well Abandonment Report
WAG - Water Alternating Gas
WALKS - Walkaway Seismic Profile
WATAN - Water Analysis
WAVF - Waveform Log
WBM - Water Based Mud
WC - Watercut
WE - Well Engineer
WEG - Wireline Entry Guide
WELDA - Well Data Report
WELP - Well Log Plot
WEQL - Well Equipment Layout
WESTR - Well Status Record
WESUR - Well Summary Report
WFAC - Waveform Acoustic Log
WGEO - Well Geophone Report
WGFM - Wet Gas Flow Meter
WGUNT - Water Gun Test
WH - Well History
WHIG - Whitehouse Gauge
WHP - Wellhead Pressure
WI - Water Injection
WI - Working Interest
WIPSP - WIP Stock Packer
WLC - Wireline Composite Log
WLL - Wireline Logging
WLSUM - Well Summary
WHM - Wellhead Maintenance
WHP - Wellhead Pressure
WOB - Weight On Bit
WOC - Wait on Cement
WOE - Well Operations Engineer
WOM - Wait on Material
WORKO - Workover
WOS - West of Shetland, oil province on the UKCS
WOW - Wait On Weather
WP - Well Proposal or Working Pressure
WPLAN - Well Course Plan
WPQ - Weld Procedure Qualification
WPR - Well Prognosis Report
WR - Wireline Retievable (as in a WR Plug)
WRS - Well Report Sepia
WRSCSSV - Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub Surface Valve
WSCL - Well Site Core Log
WSE - Well Seismic Edit
WSERE - Well Seismic Edit Report
WSHT - Well Shoot
WSL - Well Site Log
WSP - Well Seismic Profile
WSR - Well Shoot Report
WSS - Well Services Supervisor
WSSAM - Well Site Sample
WSSOF - WSS Offset Profile
WSSUR - Well Seismic Survey Plot
WSTL - Well Site Test Log
WT - Well Test
WTI - West Texas Intermediate benchmark crude
WUT - Water Up To
WVS - Well Velocity Survey

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "X"

XXL - or EXL, Exploration Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued between the First Onshore Licensing Round (1986) and the Sixth (1992)
XMT - Christmas Tree
XO - Cross-Over

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "Y"

Yyl - Holdup Factor
YP - Yield Point

Oilfield Acronyms Starting with "Z"

ZZ - Depth, in the geosciences referring to the depth dimension in any x,y,z data.

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