7 Oilfield Signs to Decorate Your Office, Man-Cave or Garage

As a lifelong oilfielder, I’ve always loved vintage oilfield signs. But like my deer mounts, my wife just doesn’t want random man crap all around the house. Instead of those expensive vintage oil and gas signs, I’ve decorated my office with a few inexpensive oilfield signs just to show my oilfield pride when a client […]

Pros & Cons of Working on an Offshore Oil Rig

Pros and Cons of Working on an Offshore Oil Rig No job is perfect, as anyone who has ever held a job knows; however, the pros and cons of working in the oil industry are significantly more pronounced than in many others. For instance, while the pay for the majority of positions in the industry […]

First Time Offshore: What to Bring

What to Bring your First Time Offshore? You’ve finally got that oilfield job, and it’s time to go offshore for the first time.  A common question we get from oilfield workers is what should they bring the first time they go offshore.  We wanted to cover the basics so you don’t get caught with your […]

Earn a Referral Fee, Talk to Your Company!

Just like the majority of you guys, low oil prices have got us down. We’re normally steadily booking large holiday orders at this time of year, but with the oilfield cutting cost, we’ve got plenty of spare capacity. We need your help! Easy Money! We’re offering a $50 Amazon gift card for anyone who refers […]

Bad Ass Work Bags Rebrands as Bad Ass Work Gear!

Launched in 2013, Bad Ass Work Bags aimed to provide a durable work bag for oilfield workers.  The Bad Ass Work Bags design was based on a time honored design and subsequently improved upon to secure its place at the top of the market. Our bags were quickly adopted by oilfield workers across the world […]