The Best Oilfield Stickers for Real Oilmen

Oilfield Stickers. Hard Hat Stickers. Sticky Stuff with Designs.

Collect 'em.  Trade 'em. Or Just Stick Them Somewhere They'll Be Appreciated.

Oilfield stickers are one of those funny oilfield traditions. Service hands would come out to the rigs with their company stickers, and hand them out to the rig crew. They'd trade them among each other. 

Frankly, a hard hat just isn't cool if it is not covered with stickers. Shows you haven't been around. Stock up, my friend. These oilfield stickers are like oilfield baseball cards. 

  • High Quality, Durable, and Super Sticky
  • Ain't nobody gonna have a bad day if you give 'em a sticker