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Oilfield Offshore Bag | Flip-Top


Our #1 selling bag, this is the bag the entire oilfield is talking about.

The Oilfield Offshore bag is a big mofo capable of packing everything you can think of, including all your winter gear in one bag.

It's tough, it's water resistant, and no doubts about it… It is truly Bad Ass!

Made in USA • •

*All vinyl duffel bags are made to order right here in the good 'ole USA.  Please expect two weeks for delivery.


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The Oilfield Offshore Bag is the #1 best selling bag in the oilfield, able to hold tons of gear. It’s been used by the military, firefighters, and of course oilfield workers worldwide.

The flip-top design provides a hurricane flap to protect the heavy duty YKK Zipper from water ingress, utilizes an 18 ounce vinyl that is tougher than nails (or better yet, grating), and grab handle to easily pull the bag out of the truck or helicopter.

This heavy duty bag was introduced with the flip-top design that allows for easier access, more room, and it won’t wake up your bunk mates when you open it due to the loud Velcro noise of the standard bag.

If you’re looking for a tough bag, you’ve come to the right place.


  • Approximate Dimensions (Large Bag): 36″ X 14″ X 14″
  • Approximate Dimensions (Medium Bag): 30″ X 12″ X 12″
  • Approximate Dimensions: (Small Bag) 24″ X 10″ X 10″
  • Water Resistant
  • 18 Oz Vinyl
  • Hurricane Flap
  • YKK Zipper
  • Internal Dividers (Not in small bag)
  • Bad Ass Carry Handles
  • Truck / Helicopter Grab Handle

Pairs perfectly with a shaving kit and boot bag!

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Large, Medium, Small


Black, Camo, Blue, Red, Green, Gray, Orange, Maroon, Yellow, Royal Blue, Navy


  1. Myra A.

    Best purchase!

    Zipper messed up I send it back and got it fix quick!

  2. Brandon

    my bag has been tossed in water, rained on, and beat and banged around. Still looks good and protects my clothes!

  3. Nick B.

    Awesome gear bag!

    The bag was just as advertised and it shipped quickly! It’s been the best work bag I’ve ever had.

  4. Jon-Anthony M.

    Bags for Badass Working Americans. Best money I’ve spend on a travel bag

  5. Bryan P.

    Toughest bag on the planet!

    I have tried other bags and they didn’t last, that’s why I needed a new one. I throw it in the back of my truck and I don’t have to worry about my clothes being wet when i arrive on location.

  6. Alex G.

    Top of the line! 6 months of just bieng thrown around every day and to my surprise still really really durable

  7. Janet C.


  8. Dustin S. (verified owner)

    Bad ass bags! I’m a tool hand and this bag packs plenty to hold me over for weeks at a time. And who cares if you got banned Facebook… It’s for teenies and urbanites neither of which will ever have use for a bad ass bag. Keep on keeping on

  9. Larry M.

    this is a great bag, tuff very secure I own the big one, thinking about get more

  10. Jeremy G.

    Awesome bag! Very tough and WATERPROOF! I don’t have to worry about my gear getting soaked when it’s nasty outside

  11. Billy B.

    I have had several different bags and by far these are the best

  12. Hannah (verified owner)

    The Jackie Chan of Workbags.

    Cheesy title yes I know but I was trying to think of a bad ass. Seriously though I bought one of these bags for my husband about a year ago who at the time was working casing and now solids control and he is rough as heck on everything and it is still going strong. No signs of wear and tear at all.

  13. Frank W.

    I love it. I haven’t got to use it yet but the quality is very good.

  14. Cody S.

    Good quality bag! Everywhere I go it gets attention and fellow employees all want one just like it.

  15. Connie (verified owner)

    Hubby loves his bag… His items are the only one in his crew that does not get wet when conditions are rough during transfer from crew boat to lift boat…. Love it

  16. Jacquelin

    Even when left in the back of the work truck in the snow and rain the clothes stay dry inside. Have not found a bag better than this anywhere, have recommended to coworkers and would recommend this bag to anyone needing a durable oilfield bag.

  17. John G.

    Freaking big! Love it you can pack a lot of shit!!!!

  18. Ben N.

    Bought two of the large bags. Plenty of room for dive gear, and work clothes. Very tough. Great price. Will definitely be back.

  19. Michael N.

    5 star

  20. Ryan B.

    Better than I thought. I didn’t think it was going to be as big of a bag. Fits everything I’ll ever need.

  21. Christopher C.

    Decent bag- NOT Waterproof

    my crew and I have 6 of these bags. They are decent bags but don’t expect them to keep your clothes dry. Disappointed

  22. Tami S.

    We love our Bad Ass bag!

    There is so much in the world to worry about other then the name of Bag company. Come on people get a grip!!

    Tami Smith
    Shreveport, La

  23. Wayne B.

    Great bag! Love my new Bad Ass Work Bag!

  24. Kyle G.

    Love them! I love these bags and Paul is great. I bought 9 of them and now my wife and kids use them for luggage.

  25. Gilbert S.

    Worth the cost! This bag is truly Bad Ass. It holds up to the brutality of traveling as a Frac hand. I will be getting more and Id advise anyone in the oilfield to get a bag as tough as the job.

  26. Shannon E.

    The product does what is stated. It is a very good bag for uniforms and equipment. The boot bags have an opening that is a bit small and should open more fully to accommodate taller types of boots.

  27. Shannon E.

    The bags were good, the issue was the separators were permanent. they should have been made to move them or remove them to accommodate various items. The boot bags should zip all of the way open to be able to put boots in.

  28. Chance M.

    Awesome! Good service and great bag.

  29. Shawne H. (verified owner)

    Love the bags. It’s big enough for what I need to haul offshore and love the fact that the bag is waterproof. It’s stupid that Facebook has banned y’all from there. There is way more stuff on there and they want to do this to y’all, that’s crazy. Of all the other offshore bags this is the best one and I will continue ordering through y’all from here on out. Thanks for the BEST BAGS MADE!!!!

  30. Ronald P. (verified owner)

    Bad ass bags!!!!!

  31. Gene V. (verified owner)

    high quality bag perfect for oil field

  32. Robert K. (verified owner)

    Great Day Bag!

    Handles PPE, spare coveralls, pad food ect ..
    All kept in one place & dry !! One BadAss Bag !!

  33. Travis R. (verified owner)


    Bad Ass Work Bags are THE VERY BEST offshore work/ gear bags ever made and designed!!! Plus they’re made in the greatest US of A!!!! They can withstand all the punishment of traveling to and from platform to platform!!! I received a small gym bag sized bad as a safety award, and I bought a large bag. I’ve only had them for about 2 or 3 months, but they both have withstood some pretty serious abuse!! I’ve been working offshore for about 5 years now, and I wish I would have bought one of these bags when I first broke out!! I’ve probably “wasted” around $200 buying bags that only last a couple of hitches!!! These bags are awesome!! The best part is, these bags are so incredibly versatile!! They can be used in so many other industries and applications!!! From offshore work/ gear bags, to fire department gear bags, to even hockey bags, and whatever else you could ever think of!!! These bags are awesome!!!! Hands down, THEY ARE AWESOME!!! DON’T THINK, JUST BUY ONE!!!! YOU WILL NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED OR LET DOWN!!!!!

  34. Kantarise L. (verified owner)

    Yes I love my work bag. A Lil small but I will order another one a bigger one with the extra boot bag once I have extra money.

  35. Michael G. (verified owner)

    I love this bag!! It is made of heavy duty material and I have plenty of space for all of my gear.

  36. Papillon

    Great bags! Even when I’m not going offshore, the bags make the best travel bags period. Throw it in the back of the truck and go on about your business without having to worry about your things getting wet. More than just having a great product is the customer service. I had one little issue and Paul more than fixed the problem. He definitely earned a customer for life here.

  37. sherman Pugh (verified owner)

    Fantastic bag. Great quality

  38. Tommy LeCompte (verified owner)

    This Bag By far is the best I have ever purchased. Very well made, heavy duty!!! Should be the last one I have to buy. It is one “BAD ASS BAG”!!!!

  39. Kenny (verified owner)

    Great bag, exactly what I expected!

  40. Wyooilfieldwifie

    best work bag, hands down! Durable, weather resistant and keeps his crap organized. He keeps telling me it was the best investment yet! Score one for the wifie! Highly recommended! Don’t waste money on anything else!

  41. Anthony Hernandez (verified owner)

    Well me and my brother ordered one big bag a piece and two boot bags a piece. We love the heck out of a big work bags they are well built and hold plenty. But the boot bags they are just too small we had to stuff our work boots into them and they were very hard to zip up. So we just use one bag for underwear and tank tops and the other one for our socks pretty well-built bags for that. But had to put them to use. We should of order the camouflaged medium bag but don’t know if they would have been big enough for her two pair of boots our steel toe and our Muck Boots. Maybe we should just got two big bags. Well built bags very happy with the big bags just wish we would have known that the boot bags weren’t that big.

  42. Zachary Lifferth (verified owner)

    This bag is fantastic! I’ve been in the oil industry for the better part of 10 years and this bag, (plus the toiletry bag I got), are some of the highest quality, toughest products I’ve ever come across. I’m already planning my next purchase!

  43. Bill Ryan (verified owner)

    Heavy duty. Great size for all my work gear. Compartments are roomy. Great price

  44. Hector Montelongo (verified owner)

    Very durable, large capacity holds everything and still has space. All my crew has complimented it.
    Completely Satisfied.
    Sticker on hard hat (I don’t just vouch for any company unless I believe in them).

  45. Betty Nichols (verified owner)

    I ordered the bags for my grandson! He is not an oilfield worker, but my husband spent 30+ years in the oilfield. He recommended your bags to my grandson. My Grandson works on a pipeline and loves your bags as he is usually gone weeks at a time! He can fit everything he needs in your large flip top bag that I ordered him. The pipeline industry could be a whole new target for a market for your bags.

  46. Jim K

    My bag is truly bad ass.

  47. David P (verified owner)

    The construction and design of the bags I purchased was exactly what I was looking for. The logo was not just some painted on stencil like other bags I have purchased in the past. I am using these bags for fishing gear and the bags are ‘Bad Ass”..

  48. Paul Yost (verified owner)

    I’m freaking amazed the room I have after I stuff it with all I need. It truly is badass bag. I’ll prolly be ordering another shortly. Thanks again

  49. Marcus Aguayo (verified owner)

    Best damn bag ever gets the job done

  50. Connor S. (verified owner)

    The name fits. The material qualities are great, as is the lettering, stitching, and size. Couldn’t ask for a better bag. It lives up to the name!

  51. Tim (verified owner)

    Great bag, holds up well to all wear and tear with a good amount of room. Definitely suggest this brand to all the guys on the crew.

  52. Thebullabides (verified owner)

    Simply the best work bag! Great service and a great product.

  53. Ryan S. (verified owner)

    Best damn bag I have ever owned. All others shall bow to the BAD ASS OFFSHORE BAG. Will be looking into getting more from them

  54. Wayne Nichols (verified owner)

    I received my badass work bag and I was so disappointed in all the other bags I have bought over the years. 3 days after I got it I pack the shit out of it and headed to the Permian Basin for a frac job. I need to order more shit to put in it. Damn fine job Badassworkgear.

  55. Wayne N. Chickasha OK (verified owner)

    I received my flip top badassworkbag, I was so disappointed in all the other offshore bags I have gotten over the years, I could tell this was a true working mans bag. 3 days later I stuffed the shit out of it to head to the Permian Basin for a frac job or at lease I thought I did damn this thing has some room, 4 sets of coveralls, tshirts, socks the works and still have room for a couple more sets of everything.

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