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Oilfield Offshore Bag | Flip-Top

Oilfield Offshore Bag | Flip-Top


Our #1 selling bag, this is the bag the entire oilfield is talking about.

The Oilfield Offshore bag is a big mofo capable of packing everything you can think of, including all your winter gear in one bag.

It’s tough, it’s water resistant, and no doubts about it… It is truly Bad Ass!

  • Approximate Dimensions (Large Bag): 36″ X 14″ X 14″
  • Approximate Dimensions (Medium Bag): 30″ X 12″ X 12″
  • Approximate Dimensions: (Small Bag) 24″ X 10″ X 10″

Made in USA • •

*All vinyl duffel bags are made to order right here in the good ‘ole USA.  Please expect two weeks for delivery.


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Randall R.

It's huge!

The bag, I'm talking about the bag! I mean, if you have a bunch of crap to haul around with you this bag has the room to do it. You could fit an entire person in the bag. (Don't ask how I know!) My husband can't keep socks or underwear in decent shape for a month. Yet he somehow hasn't managed to screw up his bad ass work bag. We haven't had any issue with rain getting into it while in the bed of his truck which really is a huge plus. Who wants wet holey under wear? My overall favorite thing is that his sleep machine is protected when in this bag! We can fit up to 6 coveralls, 6 sets of socks/underwear/shirts/shorts, a Cpap machine, boot dryer, & all of his toiletries!

Hector Montelongo

Completely Satisfied

Very durable, large capacity holds everything and still has space. All my crew has complimented it. Completely Satisfied. Sticker on hard hat (I don�t just vouch for any company unless I believe in them).

Clifton M.

One badass tough bag

I bought three other brands of bags prior to this one for my brother and husband. None of which held up to the harsh oilfield environment. All previously purchased other branded bags ripped or broke. This is one badass tough bag. It is high quality and they (my brother husband and Dad) all love these bags. They say it’s the best and they won’t ever buy any other brand for oilfield work. It can stand as much harsh conditions as they can! And that’s a hell of a lot in the oilfield environment. Plus they can chunk it in the back of the crew truck in any weather and don’t have to worry if there clothes will be dry and intact when they arrive. I bought three of these with their names monogramed for my husband, brother, and Dad! Awesome and I highly recommend!

Eden M.

Well its bad ass and

Well its bad ass and fits everything

Matt H.

Gift ideas

I bought the medium flip-top orange offshore bag in 2013. That bag has been tossed in and packed tightly into helicopters, drug across wet crewboat decks, sprayed with seawater, baked in the sun in the back of my truck, slept on, sat on and had a small corner peice chewed off by my dog. There is no replacement for this bag. It is tough, soft, fits anywhere and just plain does its job. I just bought two non-oilfield family members one each. Get you one.


The Oilfield Offshore Bag is the #1 best selling bag in the oilfield, able to hold tons of gear. It’s been used by the military, firefighters, and of course oilfield workers worldwide.

The flip-top design provides a hurricane flap to protect the heavy duty YKK Zipper from water ingress, utilizes an 18 ounce vinyl that is tougher than nails (or better yet, grating), and grab handle to easily pull the bag out of the truck or helicopter.

This heavy duty bag was introduced with the flip-top design that allows for easier access, more room, and it won’t wake up your bunk mates when you open it due to the loud Velcro noise of the standard bag.

If you’re looking for a tough bag, you’ve come to the right place.


  • Approximate Dimensions (Large Bag): 36″ X 14″ X 14″
  • Approximate Dimensions (Medium Bag): 30″ X 12″ X 12″
  • Approximate Dimensions: (Small Bag) 24″ X 10″ X 10″
  • Water Resistant
  • 18 Oz Vinyl
  • Hurricane Flap
  • YKK Zipper
  • Internal Dividers (Not in small bag)
  • Bad Ass Carry Handles
  • Truck / Helicopter Grab Handle

Pairs perfectly with a shaving kit and boot bag!

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Black, Camo, Blue, Red, Green, Gray, Orange, Maroon, Yellow, Royal Blue, Navy

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