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Bad Ass Fireman’s Hazardous Chemical Suit Bag

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This Bad Ass Hazardous Chemical Suit Bag is designed to safely hold the gear that keeps you safe from the nastiest of chemicals. Don’t you think you should treat your gear with care?

Made of 18 oz. vinyl, bag is one tough S.O.B. (just like a firefighter). It is washable and will hold your haz-chem suit, your boots, respirator, and whatever else you shove in there.


  • Handy Inspection Sheet Window
  • Measurements: 23″ X 13″ X 12″
  • Made in the good ‘ole USA
  • Made of heavy duty 18 oz  vinyl
  • Uses sturdy YKK Zippers

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Our Bad Ass Firemans’s Hazardous Chemical Suit Bag is built for only the roughest, toughest, fearless firefighters. Designed to hold all of your hazmat gear including chemical suits, boots, and respirator – with additional room to spare.

With the 3/4 zipper, you can quickly access your hazardous chemical gear in the middle of an emergency and easily pack everything back up after you’ve done your duty to protect and serve the public.

A clear pocket on one side, allows you to clearly display your inspection sheets, and this bad boy is made of heavy-duty vinyl that can be easily washed out with a water hose and soap.

If you’re looking for a Bad Ass Hazardous Chemical Suit Bag, you won’t find one tougher than this.