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Heavy Duty Camo Hunting Bag


The only bag tough enough for real hunters.

The exact same bag as our oilfield bag line-up, this bad mofo is in camo. Yep, that's right.

(Flip-top bag pictured)

*All vinyl duffel bags are made to order right here in the good 'ole USA.  Please expect two weeks for delivery.


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Let’s face it, most of us oilfield men are hunters during our time off, and all hunters need a bag that is tough enough to haul their gear. You’ve requested it, and we’ve finally listened! We’ve got camouflage Bad Ass Work Bags!

Real men hunt for their own meat. It’s ingrained in our nature to provide for ourselves and our families. It may not be instinct, but it was taught to us by our fathers and passed down through generations of men who came before us. We’ve got the best guns, our scope is sighted-in, and we’ve got the latest gear. Now it’s time to get the only bag manly enough to transport that gear out to the camp. Don’t be a sissy, get a Heavy Duty Camo Hunting Bag by Bad Ass Work Bags.

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  1. Jonathan M.

    Really good bags and durable.

  2. Earl J.

    Works hard for those who work hard

    My bag survives the oilfield elements and torture. Plenty of room for whatever and keeps whats outside out of the bag. Two thumbs up here

  3. Ken K.

    The Name Says It All

    I’ve had mine for about 6 months now and I’ve put it through everything the oilfield has to offer and it’s held up perfectly. It’s large enough for all of my stuff for a 3 week hitch and room to spare. I keep it in the back of the truck during travel to and from location and everything stays perfectly dry, no worries. Best bag I’ve ever owned!

  4. Mark P.

    Two Words…

    Bad Ass!

    Bag has been through alot

    Dirt mud oil rain power washer dropped off the truck while driving and still not a hole scratch or anything. And everything stays dry. This is one Bad Ass bag!

  5. Elliot E

    Great bag and excellent customer support. Definitely would use them again

  6. Jeremy M.

    I love my Bad Ass Work Bag! It holds all my oil field gear and more. It’s very sturdy.

  7. Maleko B.

    I appreciated everything they did for me. I had a p.o. Box because I’m on a rig and UPS wouldn’t ship to it. So they waited to have it shipped to where I was on days off!!! That’s just great customer service to me

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