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Bad Ass Hydrant Tool Kit Bag

Bad Ass Hydrant Tool Kit Bag


The Bad Ass Hydrant Tool Kit Bag attached directly to the hydrant end of the fire hose, keeping your hydrant tools close for speedy hook-up when you and your team are needed most.

2″ Webbing with Velcro attachment will keep the Hydrant Tool Kit Bag in place on pipes from 2.5″ to 5″ on dry lines or when charging.

This heavy duty Hydrant Tool Kit Bag is made from 22 oz heavy duty vinyl and is built to last while carrying up to a 5″ coupler, wrenches, and other fire hydrant tools.

  • Approximate Dimensions: 27″ X 2″ X 6″
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds

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When someone’s life is at stake, it’s important to have access to the tools you need for a quick connection to the fire hydrant. The Bad Ass Hydrant Tool Kit was designed for this purpose.

This is largest bag in our Fire Hydrant Tool Kit line-up and is built like a Clydesdale.

Made of heavy duty 22 oz vinyl, it surpasses our standard 18 oz vinyl used in our oilfield bags (considered to be the toughest in the industry). The 2″ Webbing and Velcro attachment method is tough enough to not need removal during line charging. Everything about this Hydrant Tool Kit Bag was built for efficiency.

  • Specifications:
  • Approximate Dimensions: 27″ X 2″ X 6″
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds
  • Water Resistant
  • Heavy Duty 22 Oz Vinyl
  • 2″ Velcro Straps for attachment to any hose from 2.5″ to 5″
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