7 Vintage Oilfield Signs for Your Man Cave

7 Oilfield Signs to Decorate Your Office, Man-Cave or Garage

As a lifelong oilfielder, I’ve always loved vintage oilfield signs. But like my deer mounts, my wife just doesn’t want random man crap all around the house.

Instead of those expensive vintage oil and gas signs, I’ve decorated my office with a few inexpensive oilfield signs just to show my oilfield pride when a client comes over.

Below, I’ll show you several signs that I like that might be a good addition to your man cave or office.

The Best Oilfield Signs

Texaco Oilfield Sign

1. The Texaco Vintage Oilfield Tin Sign

Texaco was founded in 1902, in Beaumont Texas and operated until 2001, when it was merged with Chevron. At one time, Texaco was the world leader in sales and was one of the only companies to operate under the same brand name in all 50 states.

This tin sign is 36″ round and is made in the good ‘ole USA.

Texaco Lighted LED Oil and Gas Sign

2. The Texaco Lighted LED Oil and Gas Tin Sign

This Texaco sign is backlit by LED, and would look great in any game room.

This lighted sign is 15″ round X 4″ and is for indoor use only.

Sinclair Oil SIgn

3. Sinclair Oil Vintage Oil Sign

The Sinclair Oil Corporation was founded in 1916 by Harry Sinclair. You may recognize the parody of the Sinclair Dinosaur from the films Toy Story and Cars with their Dinoco gas station chains. You won’t find a Sinclair gas station in Texas or Louisiana, but they operate them all over the Northern United States. They also own refineries and hotels.

This tin sign is 12.5″ wide X 16″ high, and is also made in the good ‘ole USA!

Texaco Gas Station Neon Sign

4. Texaco Gas Station Neon Sign (Reproduction)

This Texaco replica gas station sign would be a good addition to your bar or garage. While it is not the same as the real thing, the low price point is great for the look.

The sign is 17″ X 10″ X 3″ and is for indoor use only.

Mobil Gas Oilfield Sign

4. Mobilgas Pegasus Oil Industry Tin Sign

Before being acquired by Exxon, the Mobil Pegasus appeared on Mobil products as early as 1911. The symbol was originally used by Standard Oil before being broken up by the Supreme Court, forming the Mobilgas product division.

The Mobilgas sign is 11.75″ in diameter and is made right here in the good ‘ole USA!

Union 76 Gas Sign

5. Union 76 Tin Gas Station Sign

Union 76, owned by Phillips 66, is a chain of 1,800 gas stations throughout the United States. Originally part of Union Oil and the Unocal brand.

This tin sign is 11.75″ in diameter and made right here in the USA.

Oilfield Signs Various

6. Shell, Texaco, & Castrol | 5-Tin-Sign Pack

The package deal is a great way to get a couple different designs for a great price. The package includes 5 signs including 2 from Shell, 2 from Texaco, and 1 from Castrol.

All tin signs are ~ 8″ X 12″ and perfect for your man cave.

Esso Gas Tin Sign

7. Esso Gas Tin Sign

Part of the ExxonMobil brands, Esso is a name still used widely outside of the United States. This sign shows the Exxon Tiger which was eventually challenged in court for trademark against Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger.

This tin sign is 12″ X 8″.

Real Vintage Signs

All of the oilfield signs above are cheap replicas, and can get the job done if you just want to add a little decoration.

However, if you want the real thing, I like Ebay. You never really know what you are going to find, but there are some real gems out there if you look often enough.

Go to Ebay search:

Ebay Category Search

Then select: Collectibles > Advertising > Gas & Oil

Here, you’ll find all the current auctions for vintage oilfield goods. You can then search for signs or other items.


Whether you buy the cheap version or the real deal, these signs can really help spruce up your bar, man-cave, pool room – or if you’re making the big bucks, even your home theater.

Now, you just need a few drillbit barstools!