by Paul 

July 1, 2015

Bad Ass Work Gear Logo

Launched in 2013, Bad Ass Work Bags aimed to provide a durable work bag for oilfield workers.  The Bad Ass Work Bags design was based on a time honored design and subsequently improved upon to secure its place at the top of the market.

Our bags were quickly adopted by oilfield workers across the world as the #1 brand of oilfield gear bags.  Known for their toughness, durability, and attitude, word spread as oilfield workers proudly proclaimed they owned a Bad Ass bag.

BAWG Work BagsBut it wasn’t just oilfield workers who were buying our bags.  As word of mouth spread, so did the our customer base.

What originally started out as a oilfield duffel bag, now is being used by firefighters as a gear bag, the U.S. Army as a medic bag, weekend warriors as a travel bag, and hunters as the ultimate hunting gear bag.  This doesn’t even include the one off uses as DJ equipment bags, A/C repair bags, flexi hose haulers, and more…

As founder of Bad Ass Work Bags, I couldn’t be more proud of how quickly we have grown our reputation with the people who matter most.

You see, I grew up in the oilfield so I have a profound respect for the men and women who spend time away from their families to provide energy for our country.

And like any true American, we have nothing but respect and thanks for those who serve our nation in the military and the police, fire fighters, and EMS that help keep us safe day to day.

True Bad Asses Keep Moving Forward

We’re continually adding new bags to our lineup.  You’ve seen our new boot bags and shaving kits.  We’ll also be launching heavy duty vinyl tool bags and a carry-on bag this year.

In the interest of moving forward, we want to expand past just bags to develop and manufacture all manners of tough, durable work gear for the workers we love.  So we’re rebranding Bad Ass Work Bags to Bad Ass Work Gear.

Keep a look out as we launch new products that deserve the Bad Ass name.

Thank you for all of your support!


Paul Chittenden
Founder & Chief Bad Ass
Bad Ass Work Gear

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  1. Lol, I just wanted to visit your site to get a feel for how “bad-ass” it really is before I decide to apply as your blog writer. Well…I gotta say I’m pretty disappointed in the so-called bad-assness of the whole thing. For one, you only sell bags…pretty lame unless I’m looking for a quick way to dispose of the idiot who tried to steal my John Deere. Your so called blog only has three posts, all of which are about the same lame bags. In the latest post you are even complaining about how business is in the shitter…not really inspiring confidence in your ability to even pay me. I was at least hoping for some Fly fishing or hunting gear, but no, only the same vinyl bag in camo…so original. In the end I think I’ll pass and honestly, picking a fight with 15 cowboys is not bad-ass, it’s just bad judgement 😉

    1. Jim,

      You know, I considered not responding, but as you’ve pointed out I have a history of making bad judgement calls… So here it goes.

      Yes, we sell bags. Admittedly, very rugged, durable vinyl bags. That’s why we originally named the company Bad Ass Work Bags.

      Business is doing pretty well, and we’re known for making tough gear, so we decided to rebrand as Bad Ass Work Gear so that we can make new products outside of the bag category to help hard working men and women complete their jobs safely and in a more efficient manner. We launched our first pair of impact resistant gloves in late 2015 and are planning on releasing a new line of FR shirts this year. We’re a small but growing company with a really loyal and passionate group of customers. We’ll get there.

      Our blog only has three posts, hence our job posting for a writer. In fact we’ve made no attempt to blog whatsoever except for some filler content so we could launch the new site. We’re a little too busy with running a business. Plus, writing isn’t our specialty.

      Yes, business is down. I mean, we mainly serve the oilfield so that makes sense. However, we’re still going strong. Still launching new products. Still hiring, (ie. the writer).

      Now, we sell bags to oilfield workers, guys & gals that are away from home half the year, missing their families so they can provide a good living for their wife and kids. Guys that put their blood, sweat, and tears into their jobs – working their fingers to the bone to provide energy for our families. Oh, and oil based products like the plastic used in the laptop you use to write.

      We sell bags to fire fighters, guys & gals that put their life on the line to save families, kids, pets, etc. They’re the first ones to come running when all of your memories are burning to the ground, and they will do everything they can to help.

      We sell bags to the police. Guys and gals who protect and serve the people of this fine country. In a time when respect for the police seems to be at an all time low, they still put their life on the line to keep our streets safe.

      Lastly, we sell bags to the US Army, Heroes that put their life on the line to protect and serve our country, deploying across the world to places that a normal human would never want to visit. To preserve our rights and our freedoms. Willing to die for us and our nation.

      Our customers are Bad Ass, without a doubt. We as a company just want to provide them with the best product we can.

      With that said, you really caught me off guard with your hopes for our site. I was completely unaware of the cadre of Bad Ass fly fisherman that we should be building our business around. Don’t get me wrong… I love to fish, but it is just a hobby, and our goal is to make premium work gear.


  2. Hey Paul ,Just want to say as a daughter of a offshore working dad,husband,family & friends.Thank u for these great bags..great quality, big selection and thinking of those ppl who work so hard.keeping these country ,moving .The men & women putting there life on the line protecting & defending this beautiful country..Jim definitely isn’t from the south r he would know we do not fly fish here…i leave it at that.

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